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Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is a comprehensive solution used to repair logically corrupted Oracle databases, that were created using Oracle 9i. The repaired Oracle database are saved in a new database file that is created before the first step of repair. The Oracle database repair software ensures complete repair of almost all Oracle database components, including tables, views, table spaces, cluster tables, schemas, synonyms, roles, indexes, and sequences.



Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery can repair Oracle database without making any changes in the records saved in original database components. The database records remain untouched and unmodified. The Oracle repair utility comes with an highly intuitive user-interface, which makes it user-friendly to even a non-technical users. The repair application can repair Oracle database after any of the below mentioned logical corruption scenarios:

  • Oracle 9i Application Server damage
  • Input/Output of caching issues
  • Oracle bugs
  • Fatal virus attack
  • Running of unsupported disk repair utilities
  • Operating system malfunctioning

The repair utility can also repair Oracle database from other corruption scenarios as well.

Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery is an efficient Oracle database repair software, that allows manual repair of Oracle database using either menubar or toolbar options. However, to repair your database using the above utility, you need to ensure:

  • Oracle 9i is installed on the system, which performs, Oracle database repair.
  • There are no active users or connections with the damaged Oracle database.


Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery ensures complete repair of database in three simple steps:

  • Click 'Open Database' icon in the toolbar. You can also select 'Open Database' feature from the drop-down list of 'File' menu.
  • Click 'Start Repair' icon in the toolbar. The same can be done by selecting 'Start Repair' option in the 'File' menu.
  • Preview the repairable Oracle database and save it at requisite location.


Key Features:

  • Retrieves clusters and cluster tables
  • Retrieves triggers, schemas, synonyms, roles, indexes, sequences
  • Retrieves primary and foreign keys associated with tables
  • Recovery of corrupted Oracle databases
  • Preview of databases objects
  • Compatible with Oracle 9i
  • Retrieves tables, views and table space
  • Retrieves packages and package body
  • Manual selection of Oracle databases


Stellar Phoenix Oracle Recovery can be downloaded easily from the internet. Infact, one can download the trial version of this software to preview the repairable database, before buying the full version. Restoring reusable and repairable database at required position can only be done with the full version of this software.





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