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The Corporate users often store a large amount of business critical information like employee databases, client information, customer databases and more. The problems like hard drive failure, improper shutdown, virus attack and more may corrupt the important information. In such situations the users don’t want to take any chances to do database repair on their own without any such prior experience. Instead these users prefer to send the storage unit (like hard drive) to a data recovery company like Stellar Information Systems Ltd. to ensure that 100% of their data remains intact.


These are known as Data Recovery Services. Whether a software level repair will do it or not is entirely based upon the scenario. The major factors to understand are the logical or physical crash and the degree of crash followed by any changes made to the database server hard drive post crash.


The data repair software technicians at Stellar Information Systems Ltd. perform recovery process in sterilized and controlled surroundings in Class 100 Clean Rooms. These experts have rich industrial experience in handling such hard drives.


Stellar as a trustworthy organization has more than 1,000,000 customers. This number increases every hour and every day. So, if you are facing any database related data loss issues, consider Stellar Information System Ltd. as it has got the best database recovery service even in case of a complete database server crash.


Stellar Information System Ltd also provides support for SCSI, SATA, IDE and ATA drive interfaces, which cover all the hard drive technologies adopted by a database server.


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